Hello, and welcome to my blog, AudioVideoInterleave – or AVI

My name is Avi Aswani, I’m an international student at Monash University in Melbourne and I study MARKETING. Growing up as a tech-enthusiast slash computer-nerd, I often find my name attached to the end of illegally downloaded movie files – and normally I allow myself to feel like I’m part of the credits. But this one time, I wondered why my name appeared there so casually and found that it stands for Audio Video Interleave. So there you have it. Audio Video Interleave dot WordPress dot com (crap, what does .com stand for?)

Anyway, this funky space with geeky headings and bad humour is my Digital Marketing Blog or DMB (I abbreviate things) (and have bad humour).

This DMB is an on-going, in-semester assignment that’s not only clearly a try-hard effort to score myself some good marks – but also a space for me to talk to you about things I’ve thought about whilst zoning out in class or, if particularly mind-boggling, in the shower.

So put on your glasses and join the conversation!


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